About Us

The Southeast Senior Center for Independent Living (SESCIL)

SESCIL – In Sync with Seniors – WELCOMES YOU!


“Reaching out and joining hands to serve and enrich the lives of all senior citizens within our surrounding communities and beyond.”




SESCIL is a Regional Senior Activity Center that offers Exercise, Dentistry and  Learning – 5 days/week!




We, at SESCIL, have a nurse, Social Worker and a podiatrist. We also offer dentistry services that are moderately priced. Our programming includes a variety of exercise classes (including weight reduction), language groups, the arts (including book reviews, music appreciation and water coloring classes), and bridge clubs, to name just a few. Additionally, we offer Post Stroke and Parkinson’s support groups and discussion groups (including financials and investments.) We have an active five day per week schedule. Parking is available and bus service is provided free of charge by some of our communities and by Bergen County.